Premium Cedar Mulch: 3 cubic foot bags are back in stock.


Terms & Conditions

Re-wholesale is a structured discount program that allows Miller Nursery to offer unguaranteed plant material at a lower rate to eligible customers.

Re-wholesale pricing is available to independent landscape contractors, other nurseries, and construction companies who have a valid Nursery Dealers License. Miller Nursery serves customers in Des Moines, Iowa and the surrounding area only. We do not ship products by mail and have a limited delivery area. If you live outside of this area, you will need to arrange pickup for yourself.

Customers with a valid sales tax identification number who have filled out the proper paperwork can purchase material tax free. A tax-ID worksheet must be on file with us.

Cash, Check, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover are all acceptable methods of payment. Also, some customers may qualify for Net 30 financing. Click here to download our credit application. A service charge of 1.5% (18% annual) will be assessed on all accounts not paid after 30 days. This finance charge will not be waived. Accounts that are past due 60+ days can be closed at anytime.

If you are eligible for re-wholesale pricing and would like more information please click here and fill out the following form.


Our online availability list is for the convenience of our re-wholesale customers. It is accessible to registered re-wholesale customers only. To find out how you may obtain the necessary username and password to view our availability list, please call us at 515.276.7505 or fill out our re-wholesale information request form.

Prices and availability are subject to change at any time. This list in no way guarantees the price or availability of any plant. This list is simply intended to be an estimation of what we have in stock at the time that the list was posted.

Click here to download our current availability.