Premium Cedar Mulch: 3 cubic foot bags are back in stock.


Get Ready for Winter!

After one of the most beautiful displays of fall foliage in recent memory, it’s now time to start preparing for winter. Here are a few tips to help you get your plants ready for what this harsh season brings. Extra mulch We highly recommend that you surround your garden plants with mulch year round. A […]

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Trees for Fall Color

It’s only been a few days since autumn officially started. But we’re already seeing some spectacular fall color along our roadways in Iowa. Maybe you’ve noticed some of the same colors and plants that we have: Deep reds in the thickets of sumac, brilliant yellows from our native ashes, rich purples from our red-osier dogwoods, […]

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What is that Plant?!

One of the most common questions that we’re asked at the nursery is: “What is that plant?!” Once spring arrives, dozens of previously unnoticed plants begin to flower. These plants that once faded into the background suddenly stick out like sore thumbs. Naturally, our customers want to know what they are. Since we’ve had such […]

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A Garden for All Seasons

Timing is everything. Or so the expression goes. In a way, it’s true. We rely on precise timing for almost everything in today’s fast paced world. However, the preeminent timekeepers of our planet were punctual long before man had ever conceived of the clock. Yes, our common garden plants have been budding, blooming, and bearing […]

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