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Summer Color!

Everyone wants a colorful garden. But many people find it difficult to make their garden colorful year round. This can especially be a challenge in the heat of summer. Here are three things that can help you in the quest for a multi-chromatic summer landscape. Deadheading If you’re frustrated by the short bloom cycle of […]

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Why Is My Plant Turning Yellow?

Now that summer has officially arrived our customers are naturally interested in how the hot weather is affecting their plants. We make it a point to remind everyone that summer is still a great time to plant. The key to successful summer planting is providing sufficient water to your new transplants. But what if one […]

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Littleleaf Lindens and the Japanese Beetle

This time of year it’s not uncommon to see one sickly littleleaf linden in a row of robust companions. Some may conclude that it’s time to call a tree service and find a replacement. After all, anything that can defoliate a tree in one year has to be serious, right? Three littleleaf lindens in a […]

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A Garden for All Seasons

Timing is everything. Or so the expression goes. In a way, it’s true. We rely on precise timing for almost everything in today’s fast paced world. However, the preeminent timekeepers of our planet were punctual long before man had ever conceived of the clock. Yes, our common garden plants have been budding, blooming, and bearing […]

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